Industrial Designer


b. 1986, HK.


John Mauriello is an intensely driven freelance industrial designer and Senior Lecturer of industrial design at California College of the Arts. He is also an avid musician, a dedicated surfer, and a committed husband. His eclectic interests give him a unique perspective and approach to solving design problems. John strives to achieve the highest standard in his design work. He thrives when put under pressure, tackling challenges that seem distantly out of range. John takes great pride in his design decisions and the principles he uses to make them. 

John creates best-selling designs that look great, function intuitively, and meet real-world constraints around deadlines and cost. His work has been featured in several top-tier publications such as Forbes, Tech Crunch, Venture Beat, Design Boom, Popular Science, and many others. He has demonstrated his ability to deliver game-changing design work for companies like Kohler, Logitech, and Slingbox, as well as with several startups like Eatsa and ElectroSpit. 

John's design philosophy is simple: Tools and products should be an extension of the body, requiring no conscious articulation or thought. These tools must also inspire us through their carefully crafted forms and surfaces. John's passion is to give people the intuitive and beautiful physical objects they need in order to achieve mastery in whatever activity they engage in.

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